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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeckspeck /spek/ noun [countable]  PIECEa very small mark, spot, or piece of somethingspeck of a speck of dustsee thesaurus at piece
Examples from the Corpus
speckThe darkly-clad figure shook him off as if he were but a speck of dandruff upon his finely-tailored shoulder.The room looked immaculate, not a speck of dust anywhere.Not a speck of talcum powder, not a smear of soap, on any surface.Just a smear of protoplasm, another speck on the biological scrap heap.There were a few specks of paint on the floor.These are all small ethnic groups, mere specks on the map.She realized that the specks on his shirt were not dirt but blood.He picks out on the screen a tiny, bright, white speck materialising from the edge of the river.However, recently I've noticed white specks appearing in my hair.Sure enough, it was sprinkled with several dozen small white specks.
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