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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspectaclespec‧ta‧cle /ˈspektəkəl/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 SHOW/LET somebody SEE somethinga very impressive show or scene a multimedia dance and opera spectacle2 [usually singular]SEE an unusual or interesting thing or situation that you see or notice – used especially in order to show disapproval The trial was turned into a public spectacle.spectacle of the spectacle of drunken young men on the streetssee thesaurus at sight3 spectacles4 make a spectacle of yourself
Examples from the Corpus
spectacleShe knew she was making a spectacle of herself with her childish outburst, but she couldn't seem to help herself.Seeing Hank in a dress was quite a spectacle.To attract crowds large enough to fill up the ornate space, big spectacles were de rigueur.The sight of European tourists dancing in grass skirts made a bizarre spectacle.Coming soon to a computer screen near you: full three-dimensional animation without the need for funny spectacles.From our tent, we could see the grand spectacle of Mount Blue.Ginsburg has seen the Super Bowl transformed from a football game in 1967 to a full-blown media spectacle today.And these are just thoughts about the spectacles qua physical objects of a certain size and weight.Visitors to London are often shocked by the spectacle of people begging in the streets.He whines that I am ruining his weekend, but is rarely displeased with the spectacle I have paid dearly for.The spectacle that confronted him was so overwhelming that he all but stumbled in alarm before the policeman caught and steadied him.public spectacleWe long ago ceased to enjoy hanging as a public spectacle.Second, television does not turn trials into a public event but into a public spectacle.He had made a public spectacle of them both.They were not, as Ionce thought, mere executions but genuine public spectacles.Hangings were henceforth carried out behind prison walls; the public spectacle which executions had provided came to an end.
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