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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspecterspec‧ter /ˈspektə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  x-refthe American spelling of spectre
Examples from the Corpus
specterHow does a specter go about making his confession?I wish you could have seen the faces of the jury as the awful specter of the future unfolded before them.They figure this was a puritanical overreaction to a handful of innocent pictures and claim it raises the chilling specter of censorship.The buildings were only specters glimpsed through the thick white veils the air had become.Opponents painted a more apocalyptic picture, warning of foreign landowners and even invoking the specter of civil war.Failure in Chechnya raises the specter that other independent-minded regions could become problems once again.Potentially problematic was the specter of defense witnesses placing John Doe No. 2 in the conspiracy and confusing jurors.The specter, north and south, of the black face, real and corporeal, owing nothing to burnt cork.
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