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speech recognition

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeech recognitionspeech recognitionTDthe ability of a computer to recognize speech speech recognition systems recognition
Examples from the Corpus
speech recognitionWhat you hear will incorporate high-fidelity sound, speech synthesis, and speech recognition.Despite a large amount of research into automatic speech recognition the results have been unimpressive.Possible applications are continuous speech recognition and commands to robot arms.Areas such as vision, continuous speech recognition and synthesis, and machine learning have been hard.Continuous speech recognition and synthesis are additional examples of tasks neural networks are undertaking with reasonable success.Noisy Environments: speech recognition is made difficult if interference is created by noisy machinery or extraneous conversations.A commonly used argument in favour of speech recognition is that it is the most natural communication medium.Indeed, in the later chapters we will show that this is impractical for any relatively unconstrained speech recognition system.
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speech recognitionˈspeech recogˌnition (also voice recognition) noun [uncountable] computing the ability of a computer to understand spoken words and follow instructions from a speakerThere are several new versions of speech recognition sotware packages to choose from.
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