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speech therapy

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speech therapyˈspeech ˌtherapy noun [uncountable]  MHSLtreatment that helps people who have difficulty in speaking properlyspeech therapist noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
speech therapyAdditional physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy services.For the past 18 months Norman has had intense physiotherapy and speech therapy to maximise the use of muscles he can move.Mthough there is some evidence that this recovery is hastened by speech therapy, it may also occur without any therapy.Because of his language difficulties, his kindergarten teacher had quickly referred him for speech therapy to help him articulate certain sounds.After the surgery Donal had speech therapy and felt able to do some work.I was never in speech therapy.They combined domestic, personal care, and specialist skills, taught by other professionals, such as physiotherapy, or speech therapy.
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