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speed limit

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speed limitˈspeed ˌlimit noun [countable]  SCLTTRthe fastest speed allowed by law on a particular piece of road a 30 mph speed limitexceed/break the speed limit
Examples from the Corpus
speed limitThe national speed limit outlasted its provocation by a decade, one of the arguments for retiring it.They go 10 miles or more below the speed limit on the highway!!In built-up areas, for example, special slow-reacting catalytic surfaces will automatically enforce the speed limit.The elevated highways over the Louisiana swamplands were needle straight, and we started to snap the speed limit, just a little.The speed limit is 55 mph.Simply putting up speed limit signs, then, is known not to work.exceed/break the speed limitNine of the 28 subjects were found to have been exceeding the speed limit on at least one of the four occasions.Speed camera records showed about 11% of drivers exceeding the speed limit in July 1990 compared with over 20% before the campaign.He says he's arresting the driver for exceeding the speed limit.The local police frequently arrested students for exceeding the speed limit or other minor infractions of the law.New figures show that 3 in 5 motorists break the speed limit on motorways.This time Myeloski broke the speed limit without hesitation.I may be guilty of exceeding the speed limit.
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