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speedingspeed‧ing /ˈspiːdɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  SCCthe offence of driving faster than the legal limit a speeding ticket She got stopped for speeding.
Examples from the Corpus
speedingSo is a speeding up of the process through biotechnology really any different?But one day Gerald, dressed as Geraldine, is caught for speeding.He's already gotten two tickets for speeding this year.And I would gain considerable advantage from speeding.His heart hammered in terror as he glimpsed those shaggy, hulking shapes of shadowy grey speeding across the meadows.In a nearby village hall drivers are lectured on the dangers of speeding and forced to watch a graphic video.With that said, a large number of studies have shown that physical measures are much more effective in reducing speeding.Casualty doctors who're at the sharp end see the evidence that speeding is deadly.The speeding up of modernity began with the start of modern consumerism.
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