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speedometerspeed‧om‧e‧ter /spɪˈdɒmətə, spiː- $ -ˈdɑːmɪtər/ (also speedo /ˈspiːdəʊ $ -doʊ/ informal) noun [countable]  TTCan instrument in a vehicle that shows how fast it is going
Examples from the Corpus
speedometerThe fork-lift truck was not fitted with either wing mirrors or a speedometer.For plotting a course you had to have an accurate speedometer.Suddenly conscious that he was flashing past vehicles which appeared to be dawdling, he glanced at the speedometer.Daylight is worse; the red indicator on the speedometer fades out of sight, and the red illumination is invisible.Mileage on the speedometer had been clocked as only 30.7.Ralph squinted, straining to see the speedometer.Miguel traced the speedometer with a finger.The speedometer inched upwards as she drove faster.
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