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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspeedyspeed‧y /ˈspiːdi/ adjective (comparative speedier, superlative speediest)  1 FAST/QUICKhappening or done quickly or without delay syn quick a speedy recovery from injurysee thesaurus at fast2 FAST/QUICKa speedy car, boat etc goes fast syn fastspeedily adverb The matter was speedily resolved.
Examples from the Corpus
speedyClinton met with Gingrich and other leaders Monday to press them for speedy action on those measures.What is required is a speedy and effective legal procedure which secures corrections and counter-statements by way of an alternative procedure to libel litigation.Online forms are provided to make booking a visit as simple and speedy as possible.After decades of stagnation, there is a popular groundswell for speedy change and a market economy.Thousands of letters and telegrams arrived wishing Nikolai a speedy recovery from his surgery.We hope you make a speedy recovery.Everyone would like to see a speedy resolution to the conflict.Law School Dean Mike Sharlot said the direct appeal likely will produce a speedier resolution.We are working to ensure the safe and speedy return of all the refugees to their homes.The administration designed the package in hopes of winning speedy Senate confirmation for all three.
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