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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspellboundspell‧bound /ˈspelbaʊnd/ adjective  INTERESTEDextremely interested in something you are listening to ‘King Lear’ still holds audiences spellbound.
Examples from the Corpus
spellboundWe must obey Fincara; we are spellbound.The Firebird is a magical ballet that still holds audiences spellbound.Her prose has always relied on a certain musicality and lyricism to seduce and keep us spellbound.His hand held her head up, his lips held her spellbound.In spite of the gathering clouds of rage, however, once again Ana held Maggie spellbound.Millions of Japanese listened spellbound as they heard the Emperor speak in public for the first time.Children will be spellbound by the adventures of James.The audience was left spellbound by the skills and techniques shown.On clear nights we were spellbound by the strange flickering of the Northern lights in the sky.Mark had adored his grandparents and would listen spellbound to their stories for hours on end.holds ... spellboundThis flight of the magic bird held and stili holds audiences spellbound.
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