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spellingspell‧ing /ˈspelɪŋ/ ●●● S2 noun  1 [uncountable]SL the act of spelling words correctly, or the ability to do this Her spelling has improved. an essay full of spelling mistakes2 [countable]SLWRITE the way in which a word is spelled She quickly gave the correct spelling.
Examples from the Corpus
spellingBritish and American spellingsEverything seemed to depend, although I don't suppose it did, upon activities called mental arithmetic and spelling.Reading and spelling accuracy is encouraged as the child copies one of these program listings.Ben has always been good at spelling."Tyre" is the British spelling of "tire."Some word processing packages have additional programs which can be used to check spelling errors or produce indexes.It must be possible to encourage creative expression and to correct spelling mistakes.It carried the latter, incorrect spelling of the word.This essay is full of spelling mistakes.Phonological spelling errors are often characteristic of good readers who are extending their use of the phonological strategy into an inappropriate task.The word-games reinforce spelling and reading skills, and encourage accuracy.Indeed, Margaret Peters actually quoted two hundred and five variant spellings of the word she has collected.Your spelling is atrocious!spelling mistakesIt must be possible to encourage creative expression and to correct spelling mistakes.You can also use the spelling checker to identify and correct deliberate spelling mistakes made to speed text entry.These five points do not cover all possible errors, but most spelling mistakes fall into one or more of these groups.Pedantic people are prone to do this with minor typing errors or spelling mistakes.The disparaging rant I wrote contained no less than two spelling mistakes.The electric chair for those with spelling mistakes.