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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspenderspend‧er /ˈspendə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  SPEND MONEYsomeone who spends moneysaver The new casino hopes to attract big spenders (=people who spend a lot of money).
Examples from the Corpus
spenderThe self-supporting peasant was transformed into a spender of money, for all the things he needed were now in the shops.Hence, we shall consider households first as income receivers and second as spenders.At the same time, white-collar spenders fear losing their jobs.Britain would then become the third highest spender on international development.However, the most important spenders are clients who most frequently use London-based agencies.In general the highest spending families live in London and the South East, and the lowest spenders live in the North.By diverting purchasing power from private spenders to government, taxes free resources from private uses.In effect, the government has been taking more resources from young savers and transferring them to spenders.big spendersInstead he will join First Division big spenders Derby, who have made a disastrous start to their multi-million pound promotion campaign.Other big spenders include personal social services and the police, each of which takes about a tenth.
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