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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspendthriftspend‧thrift /ˈspendˌθrɪft/ noun [countable]  SPEND MONEYsomeone who spends money carelessly, even when they do not have a lot of it
Examples from the Corpus
spendthriftIf the Tories are seeking to portray Mr Brown as a spendthrift, they are almost certain to fail.She was by no means a spendthrift, but somehow all the money disappeared anyway.Pedro hated his son when he was a spendthrift, and loves him when he is not.A spendthrift with a regular, secure income is an object of desire among bankers.Walsh was accused of everything from being a partisan zealot to an incompetent spendthrift.I remember him as a charming but irresponsible spendthrift.Walter Carew had placed the painting of himself further down, dissociating himself from his weaker, lecherous, spendthrift brother.Certainly not for a wasteful spendthrift, who preyed upon a gullible old woman!Although most Tillers were spendthrifts and never had a ha'penny or cent to their names, Florence was a financial wizard.
From Longman Business Dictionaryspendthriftspend‧thrift /ˈspendˌθrɪft/ noun [countable] someone who spends money in a careless and wasteful way, even when they do not have a lot of it
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