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sperm count

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsperm countsperm counta medical measurement of the number of sperm a man has, which shows if he is able to make a woman pregnant sperm
Examples from the Corpus
sperm countStrictly speaking, there is as yet no definitive evidence for declining sperm counts.It makes an interesting contrast with another related health issue: falling sperm counts.As it turned out, his sperm count appeared normal but his wife continued to fail to conceive.For the vast majority of men, the reason for a low sperm count can not be explained.The only thing Rob could think up as a possible Hank Camden failure was the likelihood of a low sperm count.Although that may seem like plenty, low sperm counts often are warnings of problems with sperm function.And one has to remember that sperm counts also show a natural seasonal variation.Men are still able to father children into their seventies, though their sperm count is lower than in their youth.
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