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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsphagnumsphag‧num /ˈsfæɡnəm/ (also sphagnum moss) noun [uncountable]  a type of moss (=simple plant) that grows in wet places
Examples from the Corpus
sphagnumWithout the camouflage of pondweed and sphagnum moss he was unrecognizable.He also advised that seeds be sent in a vegetating condition, packed in layers of damp sphagnum moss.Dress with hormone powder and wedge open with a pad of damp sphagnum moss.The ground was covered with soft green sphagnum moss, and the dampness here did not permit the growth of hardwoods.The carpet of sphagnum was colored in a pleasing mixture of pastel browns, pinks, and yellows.Certain species of sphagnum and the acid-loving bulbous rush may become abundant.
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