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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsphericalspher‧i‧cal /ˈsferɪkəl/ AWL adjective  ROUNDhaving the shape of a sphere syn round
Examples from the Corpus
sphericalThe earth is not quite spherical, because it is slightly flat at the poles.La Geode, in Paris, is a unique spherical building with a cinema inside.In practice natural sediments are rarely composed of spherical grains, and most contain assemblages of many shapes.Edam cheeses are small and spherical in shape.Edam cheeses are small and spherical in shape.The spherical pressure hull formed the head of a flimsy, arrow-shaped structure more than a hundred yards long.It was probably coincidence that Amy was taken with spherical shapes at this time.The cylinder is therefore called intrinsically flat, although not planar, and the spherical surface is intrinsically curved.How did these rings fit into a spherical universe?
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