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spicyspic‧y /ˈspaɪsi/ ●●● S3 adjective  1 DFCHOT TASTEfood that is spicy has a pleasantly strong taste, and gives you a pleasant burning feeling in your mouth syn hot, → spice a spicy tomato saucesee thesaurus at taste2 RUDE/OBSCENEa story or picture that is spicy is slightly shocking or rude because it tells about or shows something relating to sex
Examples from the Corpus
spicyIt was all tasty and could be more or less spicy, according to individual taste.Slightly spicy and redolent with cilantro, the velvety soup also contained chopped tomatoes, corn, carrots, celery and onion.Baby mustard greens have a spicy bite.Also on the salsa bar: big bowls of spicy carrots and hot peppers, cilantro and jicama sticks.Pizza Roll - spicy chopped pork with hunks of garlic salami, black olives, red popper and gherkins.I added ginger and cumin to give the rice a spicy flavour.Tina loves hot spicy food.The food is spicy, garlicky and delicious.spicy Italian sausageThe magazine published several spicy pictures of the actress at the beach.Another held an array of cured meats, hams, spicy sausages and salamis.So I usually sipped spicy tea and listened to records all night.
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