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spigotspig‧ot /ˈspɪɡət/ noun [countable]  1 Da tap in a large container that controls the flow of liquid from it2 especially American EnglishDT an outdoor tap
Examples from the Corpus
spigotThis has a spigot bearing the same size as the Range Rover but made of steel and not phosphor bronze.Then, all of a sudden, like a spigot turned counterclockwise, B shuts down.I washed up under a spigot I found out front.The bath was in the centre of the room, with an old-fashioned brass spigot.Children carried pails of water filled from spigots on street corners.I turned on the spigot at the side of the house and filled up his plastic basin.I held him under the spigot and squeezed his chest as the icy water ran over him.The nearby water spigot became a constant source of fascination.
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