2 verb
Related topics: Drink
1DFD [transitive] to secretly add strong alcohol or a drug to someone's drink or food
spike something with something
The orange juice had been spiked with gin.
2 [intransitive] if the number or rate of something spikes, it increases quickly and by a large amount:
New telephone orders have spiked in the last two years.
3 [transitive] to push a sharp tool or object into something
4 [transitive] to prevent someone from saying something or printing something in a newspaper:
a clumsy attempt to spike rumours of a cabinet split

spike the ball

American English to powerfully throw an American football down on the ground to celebrate a touchdown
b) [intransitive and transitive] to powerfully hit a volleyball down over the net

spike somebody's guns

British English to spoil an opponent's plans

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