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spikyspik‧y /ˈspaɪki/ adjective  1 DCBhair that is spiky is stiff and stands up on top of your head short black spiky hair2 SHARPhaving long sharp points a spiky cactussee thesaurus at sharp3 British English informalOFFEND easily offended or annoyed
Examples from the Corpus
spikySome corals are quite smooth, others are sharp and spiky.His hair was dyed black now, and it was spiky.a spiky cactus plantWe followed the drawings of the little prince with his simple round face and spiky hair, standing on his asteroid world.Captain Trung had come up, helmet in one hand, rubbing his spiky hair with the other.He had a leather jacket and short, spiky hair.Then the figure flung its hands away from its face and began to prance wildly, waving its fists above its spiky hair.She wears white spiky heels and has a tiny white beret balanced asymmetrically on the side of her head.I could feel things, pieces of metal, sharp spiky things, nothing living.Their creamy white bodies are covered with spiky white ice crystals.
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