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spill the beans

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspill the beansspill the beansinformalTELL A SECRET to tell something that someone else wanted you to keep a secret spill
Examples from the Corpus
spill the beans"Does Phillip know about our plan?" "Yes, someone must have spilled the beans."You know, spill the beans.The class managed to keep the party a secret until Lorraine, unable to control herself any longer, spilled the beans.Come off it, Rosie, spill the beans.Come on, spill the beans.He gave me a look which made me wonder whether Mavis hadn't, after all, spilled the beans.Someone spilled the beans about Rick's surprise party.Ludicrously, advance accounts of this novel are cheerfully spilling the beans about the rest of the plot.They spill the beans, exposing the practice for what it is.He had not been on the verge of spilling the beans - people just die, that's all.
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