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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspindlyspin‧dly /ˈspɪndli/ adjective  THIN OBJECT OR MATERIALTHIN PERSONlong and thin in a way that looks weak spindly legs
Examples from the Corpus
spindlyThe older trees grow spindly and, their immune systems weakened, fall prey to infestation of beetles and disease.The plants on the windowsill were spindly and yellowing.One, a grade-school boy with spindly arms and legs, rode, unaided, a stationary bicycle.His spindly arms grab on to the statue, and he hoists himself up higher.The trunks often contort into spindly curves and twists.When you hit them, you knock out their spindly legs and their big bodies come flying right through your windshield.At the edge of the lawn, one tree stood, a spindly silver maple.
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