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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspine-chillingˈspine-ˌchilling adjective  FRIGHTENEDa spine-chilling story or film is very frightening in a way that people enjoysee thesaurus at frighteningspine-chiller noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
spine-chillingAs for the promise to ban fox-hunting, it was given with such a blithe nonchalance as to be spine-chilling.Recollection of the day it visited Millbrook is especially spine-chilling.The only journalist to witness the rebellion gave a spine-chilling account of atrocities carried out by both sides.The collection includes a spine-chilling ghost story by Edgar Allan Poe.Head for the roller-coasters for a spine-chilling ride.He opened his eyes and was instantly aware of utter, spine-chilling silence.She talked about her boyfriends in a tone of most frightful, spine-chilling, whimsy determination, and they took it.
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