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spinneyspin‧ney /ˈspɪni/ noun [countable] British English  DNa small area of trees and bushes syn copse
Examples from the Corpus
spinneyThere was a spinney they'd made their own, by the river.Millions of small birds now sing in the hedges and spinneys.They did this by developing game crops, game spinneys, small woods, and unsprayed or carefully sprayed headlands.Just after dawn that day her corpse, cold and hard, had been found in a rat-infested spinney.But with a bit of money spent you could have a nice little spinney there - be pretty in the spring.At a twist in the river lay the spinney, a clump of birch saplings sprouting through a thicket of bramble.The dragon continued through the spinney, incinerating every likely-looking bush and clump of ferns.Ahead of him a whole spinney of the tree men awaited.
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