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spinyspin‧y /ˈspaɪni/ adjective  HBPa spiny animal or plant has lots of stiff sharp pointsspine spiny sea urchins spiny bushes
Examples from the Corpus
spinyIt is with the porcupines, however, that the spiny defensive system reaches its zenith.Butterflyfish have a spiny dorsal fin, which they are quite prepared to use in attack.Gao Ma stumbled toward it and reached but to grab a branch covered with spiny hollyhocks.a spiny lobsterThe spiny newt protects itself by squirting poison into the mouths of predators.The two kinds of lobsters are the true lobster and the spiny or rock lobster.The city lies against and below two short spiny ribs of hill.Also infesting this domain are the dramatically spiny sea urchins.Although they are not completely spiny, they are nevertheless prickly enough to repel all but the most desperate of predators.
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