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spiritualspir‧i‧tu‧al1 /ˈspɪrətʃuəl/ ●●○ W3 adjective  1 RRrelating to your spirit rather than to your body or mind Painting helps fill a spiritual need for beauty. spiritual valuessee thesaurus at religious2 RRRELIGIONrelating to religion syn religious Islam was inspired by the teachings of the spiritual leader Mohammed.3 somebody’s spiritual homespiritually adverb
Examples from the Corpus
spiritualBut the spiritual agents were not restricted only to people to do their work.This mapping is spiritual, but also practical, for people need to know the patterns of nature.She came seeking spiritual guidance.The last sacrament represents the final step in Christ's spiritual journey.Just think: The Raiders might be able to get the chemistry-destroying, morale-busting George straight-up for their spiritual leader Hoss.the spiritual leader of the Tibetan peopleThe decision was made by the spiritual leaders of the tribe.Both sport and the spiritual life grow out of our human urge to express the richness of existence.In the 13th century Jalaludin Rumi wrote poetry about his spiritual life.He worked to prevent the Jesuits from acquiring land and influence, though he supported their spiritual ministry to the Catholic settlers.Both were seen as sources of disease, bodily or spiritual, moral corruptions which were spreading throughout the land.Just as the emotional needs of the mentally disabled are overlooked, so too are their spiritual needs.That is not historic or accurate but it has power, unbelievable spiritual power for Christians.Modernist artists increasingly transgressed boundaries and borders in what appears to have been an intellectual, physical and spiritual restlessness.
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spiritualspiritual2 noun [countable]  APMa religious song of the type sung originally by African-Americans
Examples from the Corpus
spiritualOr the Morgan State University Choir singing spirituals?Believe it or not, he only had two or three songs he knew other than spirituals.If the personal is the spiritual, the spiritual is also the political.The spirituals ask no pity-for their words ride on the strongest of melodies, the melody of faith.
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