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spit it out

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspit it outspit it outspokenTELL A SECRET used to ask someone to tell you something that they seem too frightened or embarrassed to say Come on, Jean. Spit it out! spit
Examples from the Corpus
spit it outCome on Jean, spit it out!I started regular water changes, and one fish now eats a little, but the other one spits it out.It tastes horrible and I spit it out.She rolled the liquefying spinach into her cheek she could not spit it out.Then I taste a small specimen, closely observing its flavor, smell, texture, and bite before spitting it out.I spit it out and flick it from my eyes.You always had to spit it out and shove it down the back of some chair.They just chewed it up and spit it out, foaming rubber at the mouth.Once you have swirled the wine around your tastebuds, spit it out into a lined bucket.
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