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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspitefulspite‧ful /ˈspaɪtfəl/ adjective  CRUELdeliberately nasty to someone in order to hurt or upset them syn vicious She was spiteful and unkind, both to Isabel and to her son. a spiteful remarksee thesaurus at unkindspitefully adverb
Examples from the Corpus
spitefulFailure had made him bitter and spiteful.He had entered the police station in a storm of self-righteous protest and had been by turn hectoring, belligerent and spiteful.On the rare occasions when he was angry, Lowry could be spiteful and petty.a spiteful liarShe had given him a spiteful look as she left, taking little catlike steps.Loeb, the newspaper publisher, gained a national reputation as a spiteful manipulator of politics.How could she tell him why Matilda had made such a spiteful remark?I tried to like Julie but I couldn't forget how spiteful she'd been to me in the past.That was a wicked and spiteful thing to do.His white face was spiteful, threatening and suggestive.You shouldn't be so spiteful to your sister.His book challenged Galileo in the most spiteful way.
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