Date: 1600-1700
Language: Latin
Origin: splendidus, from splendere 'to shine'


splen‧did especially British English
1 old-fashioned very good [= excellent]:
a splendid idea
a splendid opportunity
The staff are doing a splendid job.
2 beautiful and impressive [= magnificent]:
All the rooms have splendid views.
a splendid cathedral
3 British English spoken old-fashioned used to show that you approve of or are pleased by something [= great]:
'I'll see you tomorrow then.' 'Splendid!'

in splendid isolation

used to emphasize that something is not with other things:
The house sits in splendid isolation on top of a steep hill.
splendidly adverb:
a splendidly equipped new sports centre
The team played splendidly.

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