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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspliffspliff /splɪf/ noun [countable] British English informal  a cigarette containing cannabis syn joint
Examples from the Corpus
spliffMaybe people should be forced to have a spliff before taking to the wheel?I smoke my spliff and switch on the telly.Is it true that when you stopped drinking you started partaking of the odd spliff?Andy sits, takes the offered spliff and arranges the logs neatly round the edge of the hearth, to dry.How about calling it good old spliff or draw or even marijuana?The thick pungent smoke from the spliff filled the car in no time as Firebug took long leisurely tokes and sat back.He had the spliff on his lips like he was sucking on it.Firebug grinned sloppily and passed him the spliff.
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