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splintsplint /splɪnt/ noun [countable]  MHa flat piece of wood, metal etc used for keeping a broken bone in position while it mends
Examples from the Corpus
splintHis arm is weak, and he has to wear a splint on his leg.There was not one timber which did not have cracks and splints.Occasionally, children with even mild cases were dressed in casts or splints to immobilize limbs.Here they filled me with morphia, gave me ether, and put my arm in a rough splint.She imagined a steel splint inside her giraffe neck, and felt the pain as it appeared inside her unfamiliar flesh.After five days we removed the packing around the splint.When you've taken the splints off your leg you can use them to strap your arm up.She was born with severe back problems and spent much of her childhood wearing splints and fearing she would not walk again.
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