2 noun
split2 [countable]


a tear or crack in something made of cloth, wood etc
split in
a long split in the sleeve of his coat


a serious disagreement that divides an organization or group of people into smaller groups [= rift]
split in/within
The argument could lead to a damaging split in the party.
a deep split within the government
split between
a split between the radicals and the moderates within the group
split over
The union is desperate to avoid a split over this issue.

dividing something

the way in which something, especially money, is shared between several people:
In a publishing deal, the average split used to be 50:50 between writer and publisher.
three-way/four-way etc split (=when something is shared equally between three, four etc people)
a three-way split in the profits


informal a clear separation or difference between two things
split between
the traditional split between the state and church

do the splits

DSO to spread your legs wide apart so that your legs touch the floor along their whole length

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