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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspoiltspoilt1 /spɔɪlt/ adjective  x-refa British form of the word spoiled
Examples from the Corpus
spoiltI had become spoilt and pampered.She wasn't a spoilt beauty with no brains, was she?Rather like a spoilt child, he can force you into feeling that his survival depends on your constant presence and care.And you hounded him at work, wanting his attention all the time like a spoilt child.After such a spoilt dreamy flight it is hard not to trample carelessly over the end of the night shift.But it is the derogatory, spoilt image which sticks as the group image.He was born when Brigitte was at the top, living as a spoilt star with actor-husband Jacques Charrier.
spoiltspoilt2 British English  a past tense and past participle of spoil1
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