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spoken English/language etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspoken English/language etcspoken English/language etcSLthe form of language that you speak rather than writewritten spoken
Examples from the Corpus
spoken English/language etcIn order of their emergence, they are deferred imitation, symbolic play, drawing, mental imagery, and spoken language.Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore have found that testosterone aids spatial thinking, but interferes with performance of spoken language.The same arguments apply to children's spoken language.At 2 years of age, children begin to master spoken language, a system of arbitrary signs.The purpose was to show that he too used spoken language and that it and Tarvarian were mutually incomprehensible.Neologisms come and go very quickly in spoken language but tend to be less frequent in writing.For this reason, spoken language interpreters are specifically trained to reject the effects of their utterance of the target language.In normal spoken language there are often clear pragmatic constraints on the choice of particular syntactic forms.
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