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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspokespersonspokes‧per‧son /ˈspəʊksˌpɜːsən $ ˈspoʊksˌpɜːr-/ ●●○ noun (plural spokespeople /-ˌpiːpəl/) [countable]  REPRESENTa spokesman or spokeswoman
Examples from the Corpus
spokespersonIn a sense, even though legislatures usually have spokespersons and leaders, no one can truly speak for the legislature.In Munich, a spokesperson for Dasa said no deadline has been set for a decision.A spokesperson for the company read to waiting reporters from a prepared statement.A spokesperson for the band declined to comment on whether Nirvana are concerned about conflict of sales between the two publications.A chance for you to air your views and put them to a Government spokesperson.A government spokesperson has denied the allegations of corruption.A Locus spokesperson said its goal is 100 percent of the speed - and felt that it could achieve it.the Labour Party spokesperson on education
From Longman Business Dictionaryspokespersonspokes‧per‧son /ˈspəʊksˌpɜːsənˈspoʊksˌpɜːr-/ noun (plural spokespeople /-ˌpiːpəl/) [countable] a person who has been chosen to speak officially for a group, organization, or government
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