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spongyspong‧y /ˈspʌndʒi/ adjective  CSSOFTsoft and full of holes that contain air or liquid like a sponge1(1) The earth was soft and spongy underfoot.see thesaurus at softsponginess noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
spongyMy muscles felt all strange and spongy.The fat is white and the bones are spongy and pinkish, a sign of immaturity.The floating leaves are spongy and swollen, thus making the plant buoyant.The best thing he does is play football with a spongy ball in the hall.One day it was a moist, spongy cake, another time it was Jell-O and whipped cream.Benjy returned to the clothesline with three spongy, muddy clothespins.The rigidity and traction of the EBs was far superior to spongy plimsolls.Softboard has a spongy texture, which gives it good sound and thermal insulation properties.Protecting the edge of the bone is a layer of soft, spongy tissue.
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