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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsponsorshipspon‧sor‧ship /ˈspɒnsəʃɪp $ ˈspɑːnsər-/ ●○○ noun  1 [plural, uncountable]MONEY financial support for an activity or eventsponsorship from The expedition is looking for sponsorship from one of the major banks. a $5 million sponsorship deal commercial sponsorships2 [uncountable] the act of sponsoring someone or something, or of being sponsoredsponsorship of private sector sponsorship of sport
Examples from the Corpus
sponsorshipNow about that little matter of club sponsorship.a ban on tobacco company sponsorship of sports eventsIn the coming year we are launching a comprehensive sponsorship programme to attract corporate donations and specific sponsorship.Television provides the main link between sport and corporate sponsorship.Corporate sponsorship ensures that far more money finds its way into sport than would otherwise be the case.Corporate sponsorship ensures that far more money finds its way into sport than would otherwise be the case.Companies can help projects by providing financial sponsorship, office space, or printing facilities.We are looking for sponsorship from local businesses.The government has tightened regulations for sponsorship of new immigrants.The exhibition received £50,000 in government sponsorship.There is a £10 entry fee and each participant should raise £50 in sponsorship in order to take part.Our only hope is sponsorship but even here I feel that most corporations would prefer investment.But winning new sponsorship deals can be extremely time consuming and frustrating for the organisers.The tobacco industry's sponsorship of sporting events is controversial.Obviously it would be better for both parties if all the sponsorship we need comes from a single organisation.
From Longman Business Dictionarysponsorshipspon‧sor‧ship /ˈspɒnsəʃɪpˈspɑːnsər-/ noun [uncountable]1 (also sponsorships)MARKETING financial support given to pay for a sports or arts event, training etc, in exchange for advertising or to get public attentionWe are looking for sponsorship from local businesses.She plans to raise £6,000 in sponsorship.The Olympic committee will raise money from corporate sponsorships, ticket sales and merchandise.2the act of officially supporting a proposal or suggestionThe project has benefited from the personal sponsorship of the new technical director.
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