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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspookyspook‧y /ˈspuːki/ adjective informal  GHOSTstrange or frightening in a way that makes you think of ghosts a spooky old house spooky stories The candlelight created a rather spooky atmosphere.see thesaurus at frightening
Examples from the Corpus
spookyYou walked right into the living room, and it was spooky.Let's get out of here, this place is really spooky!We think so much alike it's almost spooky.He felt spooky and luminous, felt as though he were wrapped in cool fur that was full of static electricity.You even find it a touch spooky at first.This creates a rather spooky atmosphere and because of the many camera angles gives the impression that you are being watched.a spooky castleI remembered that spooky feeling of being alone in the woods, and feeling that you are being watched by supernatural eyes.The forest is really spooky in the dark.Really, Holmes, I would swear there is something spooky or supernatural about cats.He lived in kind of a spooky place at the end of a long dirt road.The building was surrounded by spooky ruins, the remains of an ancient farm.We sat around the fire and told spooky tales.Will you shut up about ghosts! You always scare me with that spooky talk!
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