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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsportingsport‧ing /ˈspɔːtɪŋ $ ˈspɔːr-/ adjective  1 [only before noun] relating to sports The college offers a wide range of sporting activities. one of the major sporting events of the year a great sporting achievement Britain’s sporting heroessporting goods American English a sporting goods store2 British EnglishFAIR someone who is sporting behaves in a fair and generous way during a game or competition and does not try to win in an unfair way opp unsporting It was very sporting of them to wait until the rest of our team had arrived.3 sporting chance (of doing something)sportingly adverb British English They sportingly agreed to postpone the race until our boat was repaired.
Examples from the Corpus
sportingOther sporting activities available include: mini golf and bowling.Sponsorship is important for sporting activities such as golf, football, cricket and motor-racing.I waited, alert for a young man in sporting dress, but by midnight neither of them had reappeared.a sporting eventThe Italian Grand Prix is one of the great sporting events of the year.They organize social and sporting events, weekends away and holiday trips.The hotel has four restaurants, a bar and a disco, as well as an impressive range of sporting facilities.the sporting lifeThe walls of the room were hung with sporting prints and photographs of men and women in riding garb.These are issues from which the sporting public is excluded other than in a weekly letters column.Sadly, the sporting sportsman is becoming rarer these days.Sutherland has a great sporting tradition.Edinburgh is one of the most active and successful sporting universities in Britain and offers an unrivalled choice of sports and activities.sporting goodsThe store sells clothes and sporting goods.Profits advanced in the transport and pharmaceutical division but fell back in sporting goods, and losses deepened in retail.He must have picked up the definition at one of the sporting goods conventions, where he was now a celebrity.He went directly to a sporting goods shop, where he purchased a hunting knife.C., sporting goods store where Bishop bought a pair of tennis shoes on his credit card.The manufacturers say they are hoping the helmets will be available in sporting goods stores and department stores within several months.