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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsportsmansports‧man /ˈspɔːtsmən $ ˈspɔːrts-/ noun (plural sportsmen /-mən/) [countable]  1 PLAY A GAME OR SPORTa man who plays several different sportssportswoman He’s a very keen sportsman. a talented all-round sportsman2 American English a man who enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing
Examples from the Corpus
sportsmanHe had a local reputation as a sportsman and a strong man, and also as a womanizer.Alec Penney was once an active sportsman.He, of course, would be an ideal teacher if any sportsmen had running difficulties.The first black sportsmen to appear in Britain were either slaves or ex-slaves.The obvious examples of this are the elite sportsmen and sportswomen who earn their living through participation in sport.Being a doctor was the occupation of his father, a keen sportsman.Redgrave has already won two gold medals and will become Britain's most successful current Olympic sportsman if he wins his third.Their sportsmen like Johnny Miller or Billy Casper give 20 percent or more of their earnings to the church.keen sportsmanHe sang in the choir, was a talented musician and a keen sportsman.He had been a keen sportsman in his youth, and now followed cricket avidly.Being a doctor was the occupation of his father, a keen sportsman.He is a keen sportsman and enjoys marathon running for charity. joined the purchase ledger department in August.A keen sportsman, he'd spent Saturday afternoon playing rugby for his college club.A keen sportsman, he has several times completed the Great North Run.He is a very keen sportsman and enjoys football, fishing and rugby.Shocked Shocked friends and colleagues spoke last night of the two brothers who were keen sportsmen.
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