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sportsmanshipsports‧man‧ship /ˈspɔːtsmənʃɪp $ ˈspɔːrts-/ noun [uncountable]  DSFAIRbehaviour that is fair, honest, and polite in a game or sports competition His sportsmanship and style of play are refreshing.good/bad/poor sportsmanship (=good or bad behaviour in a sport) We try to teach the kids good sportsmanship.
Examples from the Corpus
sportsmanshipTom taught me more about sportsmanship than all the other coaches I ever had put together.This typifies the ideals and sportsmanship of Golden Oldies cricket.Lew Hoad was the very best player at tennis as well, simultaneously, as the very best sportsman at sportsmanship.Lester has brought pleasure to millions with his fine sportsmanship and personal bravery.As a nation we pride ourselves on our strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play.She was held up as a living version of the Olympic torch, burning with the spirit of sportsmanship.There are still people out there who teach and practice fair play, sportsmanship, and competition.The intention is noble, I suppose: Teach them sportsmanship, fair play and all that.
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