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sportswearsports‧wear /ˈspɔːtsweə $ ˈspɔːrtswer/ noun [uncountable]  1 DCclothes that you wear to play sports or when you are relaxing2 American EnglishDC clothes that are suitable for informal occasions syn casual clothes
Examples from the Corpus
sportswearAlways known for their use of innovative fabrics, the pair are now concentrating on marrying active sportswear ideas to formal shapes.Shape too has some new imperatives: designers have learnt the vocabulary of active sportswear shapes.And fake sportswear ... how it's funding the drug dealers.Bill Blass's exuberant brocade evening suit, given a new dash by its sportswear cut. 9.Purple Label sportswear is filled with chocolate-colored suede trench coats, gray pinstriped cashmere slacks, cashmere sweaters and cashmere overcoats.Enterprising window dressers dressed up in ski outfits to set up a display of sportswear in this store.At times the wide-legged pants looked more like pajamas or lounge wear than sportswear.
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