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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsportswritersports‧writ‧er /ˈspɔːtsˌraɪtə $ ˈspɔːrtsˌraɪtər/ noun [countable]  someone whose job is to write about sports for a newspaper or magazine
Examples from the Corpus
sportswriterDuring undergraduate years at California State, he went to work at the Fresno Guide as a sportswriter.Chadwick is thought to have refined the ideas of another sportswriter, one M. J. Kelly, in this regard.This is an occupational hazard shared by sportswriters and opinion pollsters.Lawrence has proved a master of communication and a breath of fresh air to North-East sportswriters.Every sportswriter can float three trade rumors a year.Everybody likes him, except, I guess, other sportswriters.Then he wrote out a sizable check of his own and handed it to another Republic sportswriter.
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