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sportysport‧y /ˈspɔːti $ ˈspɔːrti/ adjective informal  1 especially British EnglishDSGOOD AT someone who is sporty likes sport and is good at it syn athletic2 DCCBRIGHTsporty clothes are designed to look attractive in a bright informal way a sporty jacket and skirt3 a sporty car is designed to look attractive and go fast The new model is slightly more sporty.
Examples from the Corpus
sportyAfter a few days we swapped the wagon for the much sportier 5 version of the S70 sedan.The intent of such monsters today is not simply to be bigger, sportier and more utilitarian than sport utilities.That's a sporty little car.And the sporty model, with its bigger tires, felt better in highway twists and turns than its richer sibling.I packed my AK-47 lapel pin, my polyester-blend suit and some white shoes for sporty occasions.A Feeling 850 Club gives sporty sailing in a sensitive boat for up to 6; she's very fast in light winds.And the sporty victim herself was all smiles, too.
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