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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspotlessspot‧less /ˈspɒtləs $ ˈspɑːt-/ adjective  1 CLEANcompletely cleanpristine a spotless white handkerchief By the time she had finished the house was absolutely spotless.see thesaurus at clean2 HONESTif someone has a spotless reputation or record, people know or think they have never done anything bad a company whose reputation was spotless until this scandal brokespotlessly adverb The whole house was spotlessly clean.
Examples from the Corpus
spotlessMother always kept the house spotless.The bed was hard and absolutely spotless.The sink and the faucet are spotless.True, the whole place was spotless.Bed linen should be spotless and pyjamas or nightdresses well cared for.Willow trees bend gently along spotless avenues and ancient canals.It featured newly spotless facilities and special work uniforms for all the mechanics.She walked out of the station into the spotless, tree-lined, Sunday-afternoon streets of Woodburn.The tile was a pristine white and the place was spotless, with benches anchored to the floor, mirrors everywhere.absolutely spotlessOur accommodation was spacious and comfortable and, as usual with Sunwing, absolutely spotless.The bed was hard and absolutely spotless.
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