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spottedspot‧ted /ˈspɒtɪd $ ˈspɑː-/ adjective [usually before noun]  CFhaving small round marks of a different colour on the surface a red and white spotted blouse
Examples from the Corpus
spottedThe saint could not resist the appeal of that spotted belly, butter-soft, that pale fur so douce and plush.Their spotted camouflage is effective in any of these settings.One wore a tattered summer dress in pink spotted cotton with double flounces, the other a pinafore over a checked blouse.a spotted dogThe three species are the snowy owl, spotted eagle owl, and the great grey owl.He said the two spotted fins sticking out of the ground.Haverford also sat, lifting his panama to mop his flushed forehead with a red and white spotted handkerchief.They had been covered with a square of spotted muslin, for decency she supposed.Could there be a spotted stallion on the moor?
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