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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsprawledsprawled /sprɔːld $ sprɒːld/ adjective   be/lie/sit sprawled (out)
Examples from the Corpus
sprawledUnder the portico, bodies are sprawled, a tangle of limbs of malnourished young men.The next thing she knew, she was lying sprawled across the pavement.He was lying sprawled across the pillow leaning on his elbow, his head propped to one side, reading the letter.Deserted - except for the sprawled corpses of the two murdered men, lying where death had struck them down.His rear gunner lay sprawled dead in the back.However, he saw there was no need to fire again, the four sprawled figures showed no signs of action.She was sprawled, hugging a sausage-shaped pillow like Linus' comforter.
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