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spreespree /spriː/ noun [countable]  DLENJOY/LIKE DOING somethinga short period of time when you do a lot of one activity, especially spending money or drinking alcoholon a spree They went on a drinking spree. a shopping spree
Examples from the Corpus
spreeThen, against the background of bitter, violent parental quarrels, Chester began a spree of delinquency.Some stores were bright on reports of an eleventh-hour Christmas buying spree.He had been sentenced after going on a two-month crime spree.In contrast Stanley's usually made the inspired calculations of a good invitation side out for a scoring spree.Jonathan Dyson started the scoring spree by making a 43-yard reception on the Eagles' second play from scrimmage.This is my first shopping spree.One was a stabbing spree in which 12 cabdrivers got knifed in one week by a lone assailant.In the national betting holiday just past, teen-agers were full players in the spree.on a spreeIn addition to the sugar cubes a large jelly had been made for the occasion, indicative of 1950s kids on a spree.You took her pet lamb Joseph out on a spree, didn't you?We had such great fun collecting the toys because we bought them on days off when we were out on a spree.
From Longman Business Dictionaryspreespree /spriː/ noun [countable] spending/buying/takeover etc spree a short period of time during which someone spends a lot of moneyConsumers went on a spending spree.The company embarked on a takeover spree during the 1980s.
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