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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsprightlyspright‧ly /ˈspraɪtli/ adjective  HEALTHYan old person who is sprightly is still active and full of energy – used to show approvalsprightliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
sprightlyWe were extremely well looked after by Per Sorum, a sprightly 70-plus year old who had a beautiful house in Aasen.They have a sprightly air and a sly mischievous sense of humour.This is a sprightly, breezy wine with loads of vibrant fruit and spice and layers of complex flavor.a sprightly collection of songsThis remedy had certainly done him no harm, for he was a sprightly eighty-year old.There is, for instance, the inevitable saucy servant girl, played in sprightly fashion by Suzanne Bouchard.So sprightly, in fact, that Lizzy swore that we were given back a new cat.Actually she had been more sprightly since Mr Paradise, the vet, operated on her thyroid.Anne is a sprightly young woman who works in the local bookstore.
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