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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishspring-loadedˌspring-ˈloaded adjective  containing a metal spring that presses one part against another
Examples from the Corpus
spring-loadedNever one to try and out-stare a person holding a cocked gun, Blanche jumped out of the armchair as if it were spring-loaded.Most of the Glass ships have spring-loaded airbrake caps.These flowers possess spring-loaded anthers that give honey bees a rough blow when they enter.Modern gliders usually have spring-loaded caps which are pulled down firmly to prevent air leaking into or out of the wing.The spring-loaded clips of looseleaf folders snap shut with a noise like revolver shots.Door has special spring-loaded hinges avoiding the need for catches.The move comes after one of the spring-loaded metal clips flew out and hit a child's face.A separate pull line is joined to a release pin or spring-loaded wire hanger so that the fauna can be dropped at will.
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